César Hinostroza: final report presented to judge and ex-members of the CNM | politics

The congressman Oracio Pacori (New Peru) delivered to the Subcommittee on constitutional accusations the final report of the seven constitutional complaints against the suspended judge César Hinostroza and four former members of the National Council of Magistrates (CNM) .

The subcommittee appointed Pacori to establish the report of facts and evidence in the file that collected the complaints against the magistrates, Andina reported news agency.

The constitutional complaints gathered against César Hinostroza and the ex-advisers Guido Aguila, Iván Noguera, Orlando Velásquez and Julio Gutiérrez Pebe They were made by the Public Prosecutor, the Banca de Peruanos by the Kambio (PpK) and the congressmen Gloria Montenegro, Marco Arana and Richard Arce.

"We met today with the presentation of the final report, we hope the president of the Subcommittee on constitutional accusations can call a session to discuss this report, "he said.

As far as the conclusions are concerned, the Congressman indicated that some crimes were typified in a differentiated manner and that the constitutional offense committed was seen César Hinostroza and the ex-advisers. Among them, influence peddling, passive bribery and active bribery.

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