César Hinostroza: Prosecutor asked for reopening of case of suspended judge for alleged money laundering | politics

Then he was involved in the criminal organization & # 39;The white collars of the port& # 39 ;, The situation of César Hinotroza has become more complicated. And that is why the authorities of the office of the prosecutor for money laundering have discussed the archived file of the magistrate about the purchase of two houses in Miami.

It was so, according to "Fourth Power," it was concluded that the investigation was against Hinostroza It was inadequate and for that reason the Office of the Prosecution of the Nation, on August 16, requested the reopening of the case.

When reviewing the file, the attorney general's office reported that it lacked a key piece: the police report that had disappeared from the money laundering police files and even the public prosecutor's office. However, this document was presented by the aforementioned media.

It must be remembered that the suspended judge Hinostroza and his wife Gloria Gutiérrez by the Prosecution about the heritage that they had acquired in Peru and abroad. However, six months later, prosecutor Carlos Juárez Muñoz filed the case because there was insufficient evidence.

After the prosecutor Carlos Juárez Muñoz submitted the investigation Hinostroza, on January 10, 2014, the then attorney Julia Príncipe filed a complaint. The file went to the fifth headquarters of the Criminal Procurator of Lima, under Gustavo Quiroz Vallejos, who finally closed the case after 18 months.

Quiroz sent an accounting report for his decision that had been used in the investigation of the then public prosecutor, José Peláez, a Hinostroza for unauthorized enrichment.

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