César Villanueva on meeting between Martín Vizcarra and Keiko Fujimori: there was no agreement Trade | politics

The President of the Council of Ministers, César Villanueva, denied on Monday the existence of a pact or a smooth agreement between the president Martín Vizcarra and the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori.

In a dialogue with Channel N, the prime minister minimized the questioning of the head of state because it had refused the meeting with the former presidential candidate and thought there were more important problems to focus on.

"There has never been a pact, there was never anything, there was nothing dark, nothing under the table, it is not a topic of greater importance for the problems we face today," he said.

César Villanueva assured that the initiative of the meeting between Martín Vizcarra and Keiko Fujimori He was his, after which he was in charge of coordinating the meeting with the then spokesperson of Fuerza Popular, Daniel Salaverry.

"I agree with the president that it was a mistake not to comment on those meetings, with the transparency that characterizes them." The lady forgot the reserved agreement of that meeting and now she makes it public, the reservation was an agreement of both. Ask her the reason to break the agreement, if someone breaks the pact, it will be her decision and she will explain it, "he said.

The head of the PCM also said that he did not believe that there was a meeting between them Martín Vizcarra and the Secretary General of Fuerza Popular, José Chlimper.

"I have never spoken with José Chlimper, he has not intervened at all in coordinating meetings with the president, I do not think the President has met Chlimper, on our side we have no information that this encounter has been produced," said he.

"I do not know Martin [Vizcarra] I have known him for many years because we have fought together for decentralization, "he said.

According to César Villanueva, the second meeting favorable Keiko Fujimori. "He was looking for a way to meet the president through the spokesman [Daniel Salaverry]", he said.

Finally, he described as "not very elegant" that a President of the Republic is told what to say or which minister should leave his cabinet. "At that moment the respective distance was taken," he said.

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