Chaclacayo: band & # 39; Robacasas & # 39; dropped thanks to GPS phone from victim | Trade Lima law enforcement

A band from & # 39; robacasas & # 39; was found and captured in Chaclacayo by the National Police thanks to the GPS of the mobile phone of one of the last victims, reported Canal N.

The report states that there are three hours & # 39; night people have entered the house in Prolongación Los Olivos. Patricia Silva, her mother and three children slept there. They were immediately reduced and bound hands and feet.

The criminals, who were armed and wearing balaclavas, took electrical appliances and the belongings of the victims, including an iPhone with GPS activated. The owner followed the location thanks to an application and reported to the police.

Thanks to this information, the agents found two women and three men in a house. In their possession they found electrical appliances, computers and weapons, as well as a car in which they fled and stolen the stolen objects.

They were identified as René Ávila Fernández, Marco Silva Solís, Gersy Javier López, María Rosario Alanya and Graciela Silva Alanya. Channel N indicated that the gang had committed several robberies in the area and had various complaints.

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