Chinchero Airport: MTC proposes to transfer S / 33.2 million for the removal of areas of economy

Law 03121, which approves budgetary changes, was presented yesterday by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Oliva , in the Congressional Committee on Budgets.

One of the proposals is to grant financial transfers from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) for S / 33.2 million to the Ministry of Defense (Ejercito Peruano) for the financing of the disposal, the relocation of land. , clearing land, excavations and others in the project. Chinchero, in Cusco.

"This bill will provide the legal framework for both institutions to sign an institutional agreement," said the owner of the MEF .

Article 8 of the bill, which will be discussed at the next meeting, also indicates that the MTC is authorized to transfer the S / 30 million transferred to Enapu, in the context of the DU 006 for the improvement of the port of Salaverry. to refer to the financing of investments in river ports in Iquitos.

" ProInversion awarded five days after the issuance of the DU 006 and given that the responsibility of the dredger now comes from the concessionaire, it is necessary to refocus the financial allocation ", explains Oliva.

For its part, Article 4 proposes transfer of MTC items for two investment projects for S / 29.9 million.

"The first is for the improvement and expansion of the Callao maritime traffic service, to be carried out by the Ministry of Defense for S / 25.6 million, while S / 4.3 million would be for the improvement of a road in Satipo, Junín "said the head of the MEF.

Another S / 22.7 million would be for control activities of the Sutran land transport service.

Concerning the approval of internal changes to the national protest authority ( APN ) it is proposed to allocate balances from the program of budget 138 to finance the acquisition of non-financial assets for signaling, beaconing and other navigational aids in the port of Callao.

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