Chorrillos: the scholar ends up in the hospital after being hit by his partner [VIDEO] | chalk

While receiving English lessons and for her teacher, a 13-year-old schoolboy was defeated by his own classmate, in the classroom they share at a school Chorrillos . As a result of the aggression, the minor suffered vomiting and severe headaches.

By the camera's ATV +, Told Antoinette Aguilar, mother of the victim, that representatives of the school The head office of Innova Schoolsthey were informed of what happened four hours after the beating.

"His partner stopped, threw a knee on his head and knocked down before everyone, even the English teacher saw and did nothing," said the mother of the student in high school.

But it was the teenager's friends who went to class big Brother, who studies in the same institution, to tell him what happened.

"My eldest son was the one who warned me first, running I went to school and representatives told me to go to the exit to talk to the mentor, but I could take my son to the clinic where he surrendered," added mother to it.

The doctors diagnosed that the boy suffered from one traumatic brain injury and today he is recovering from the blows he has received.

Through social networks, Innova schools He communicated with the complainant who assured him that they never wanted to hide what was happening.

"It was not the intention to hide the facts for the family of the child who was attacked, because we believe that transparency in communication is the basis of the relationship with the families of our community," the message quotes.


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