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The municipal savings banks and credit banks (CMAC) drew their attention to new markets in 2019 – especially among young people – so they come designing new financial products for people under the age of 30 . So he passed it on Gestió the president of the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Institutions (FPCMAC), Jorge Solís.

"We evaluate the implementation of new financial products for students, especially the award of credits for completing masters' studies, doctoral, postgraduate, among others, intended for minors of 30 years "The businessman explained.

In this context, he noted that the need to design this product was seen, which would be new to the CMAC, given the large demand from young people for funding for educational purposes.

"This product will be released next year, given the call Mulder Law (which prevents the CMACs from placing publicity in the media because they are private-law private-law companies) also delayed the possibility of announcing these new companies, "he noted.

Solis added that he too evaluates the development of financial products for young entrepreneurs . "Look at the seriousness of the impact this law entails: what do we do by taking new products, such as credits for young students, if we can not publish it? How do our people know that we make these products available?", He thought.

In this situation asked prosecutors to allow the Amparo lawsuit filed by the FPCMAC on July 13 to be excluded from the scope of this rule and thus to announce the financial services of the CMAC.

"Unfortunately, nothing will come out of Congress (to change the scope of the Mulder law) because they will wait for the decision of the Constitutional Court that will take 30 days," he said. If there is no decision by the judiciary, Solis warns that the CTS starting in September will also be endangered – in addition to the campaign for Christmas and the end of the year.

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