CNM audios: prosecutor clears public prosecutor who tried to take advantage of ex-mayor Juan Sotomayor | politics

The Public Prosecution Service announced on Friday that it has decided to separate the position from the titular higher Callao Prosecutor, Carlos Manuel Sáenz Loayza, investigated for alleged irregularities that would link him to the criminal organization "Los collos blancos del Puerto".

The prosecutor announced this measure after he had been informed that the head of Callao's second criminal court allegedly tried to promote a trial in the municipality of Callao during the mayor's administration Juan Sotomayor.

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Sáenz Loayza & # 39; s name jumped in the media after a dialogue was intercepted on October 20, 2017, in which he talks to the lawyer César Salinas. In this audio published by Perú21The prosecutor asks for the telephone number of Willy Calderón, brother of Guido Calderón who was his assistant. This worked as a secretary in the Judicial Branch of Callao.

The public prosecutor wanted a claim against the municipality of the first port to be withdrawn, an order allegedly made by Sotomayor.

In a second conversation Salinas talks to Sáenz about the complaint against the municipality and asks worried, worried about which magistrate was the case.

In this case, Carlos Manuel Sáenz Loayza was indicted by the anti-corruption prosecutor in that region, Engie Herrera, for the alleged crime of improper use of the office and influence on peddling in injuries to the state.

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