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Far from fulfilling the promise of the 2014 election campaign, the same who won and for which the municipal chair is now occupied, Miguel Saldaña, current mayor of Comas, said that the fight against crime is not his responsibility.

On a television spot, in the middle of the 2014 campaign, Miguel Saldaña, at that time a candidate for Comas for National Solidarity, said his commitment was to work for security, but now he even advised current candidates that they do not promise because they "make a mistake".

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"People are confused, think that the task of fighting criminals will be done by a mayor and I tell those who solve the problem of the safety of citizens of the municipality, that they make a mistake," he said. Mayor, who also said that everything he promised was fulfilled.

also, Miguel Saldaña said that this work is the competence of the police and that municipalities only work in the preventive part, so their management encourages gyms, art, culture and talking to drugs.

"We give all the support to the police, the trucks, the integrated patrolling personnel, the security problem is that they are mistreating firearms, and the serenazgo can not intervene," Saldaña said in statements for Panamericana Televisión.


– In February 2015, Miguel Saldaña resigned National solidarity, after having ensured that it was a personal issue.

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