Commission returns to the PJ request for immunity from Betty Ananculí Congress | Popular Force politics


15:39: the document you submitted Betty Ananculí to the Commission where he requests the restitution of the request for the waiver of his parliamentary immunity to the judiciary.

15:27: Fujimoristas prevent admission to the abolition of the parliamentary immunity of Betty Ananculí.

15:25: Commission recommends dealing with the case of Betty Ananculi, but fujimoristas María Melgarejo, Tamar Arimborgo and Carlos Tubino oppose disputing incomplete documentation in the PJ's request.

15:00 The Conference Miss Fujimorista asked the Commission that the request for the waiver of parliamentary immunity would be checked for alleged irregularities, but was rejected.

This afternoon, the Committee on parliamentary immunity surveys of the Congress, evaluates the request of the Public Prosecution Service to waive parliamentary immunity for the Fujimorista congresswoman, Betty Anaculi, who is accused of having falsified her certificate of studies. The table is chaired by Luciana León.

Congressman Ananculí is accused of having provided incorrect information about her study Business Administration at the Alas Peruanas Institute. Certificates in which the prosecutor's office has discovered irregularities that go from fictitious classmates to false signatures of the alleged professors.

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