Congress: the eight legislators who have been sanctioned since 2016 Trade politics

the Congress of the Republic Since August 2016, it has sanctioned eight MPs from different parties.

The first two were Yesenia Ponce (Fuerza Popular) and Elías Rodríguez (Aprista Parliamentary Cell), on 10 May 2017, at the request of the parliamentary ethics committee.

Yesenia Ponce received a reprimand for interrupting a session of the regional government of Ancash in October 2016. Rodriguez also received a reprimand and was punished with a mule equal to 30 days without compensation for finding him responsible for plagiarism in several paragraphs of six bills.

It took more than a year before the entire congress again set a sanction for legislators.

On 6 June, unorganized congressmen Guillermo Bocángel, Kenji Fujimori and Bienvenido Ramírez were suspended indefinitely for a report from the Subcommittee on Constitutional allegations in which they were held responsible for an alleged negotiation of the votes to avoid the vacancy of former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski , following the recordings of the congressman of Fuerza Popular (FP) Moisés Mamani.

On August 23, 2018, the Congressman of Peruvians was reprimanded for the Kambio Carlos Bruce and received a fine of 60 days without compensation for having a police guard for the inauguration of a restaurant that he owned in December 2016.

In turn, it is full Congress of the Republic it agreed that the non-grouped parliamentarian Maritza García would be suspended for 120 days without being allowed to lie in her resume.

On the other hand, Yesenia Ponce was re-sanctioned. It was suspended for a period of 120 days after approval of a report from the Ethics Committee that indicates irregularities related to false information about their studies on their resumes.

The congressman of the Force Force was questioned because of the alleged payment of about S / 10 thousand to the former director of a school to hand out false high school certificates and to offer a version that supports his defense. Also because they have tried to support their studies with a record of "mind" classmates.

Finally, the plenary assembly of the Congress approved to accept the request of the judiciary, so that the sentence of 7 years in prison that weighs on the congressman of Alliance for the Progress (APP), Benicio Ríos, with which his chair will be occupied by its Accessible Luz Cruz.

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