Cusco: a national who surrendered to the police after he believed that he had murdered his wife chalk

A test subject mistreated his wife, a Dutch citizen, and after he believed he had killed her, he handed himself over to the National police, in the district of San Sebastian, in Cusco .

According to 'América Noticias & # 39 ;, man, identified as Eliazar Braulio Solórzano GamarraHe told the authorities that he was arriving at his house and during a fight he used a rope to kill his partner and to leave her unconscious, covered his body with a blanket, convinced that he had died. He said that he "felt with conscientiousness."

The agents arrived at the house, but did not find the 31-year-old stranger. The woman had lost consciousness during the attack, but after a few minutes she woke up and broke the windows to ask for help.

The man who tried to commit suicide before reporting to the police will be investigated for attempted female murder. They are both language teachers, they live in the city Cusco and they have a daughter.


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