Cusco: He thought he had killed his wife, he was thinking of committing suicide, he surrendered to the police, but she was still alive | Picture 1 of 3 | present

He thought she was dead and covered her with a blanket. A subject discussed with his wife in his house, located in Cusco, and hung her with a rope to kill her. Once he saw her unconscious, he covered her with a blanket, thinking that he had accomplished his task.

A few minutes later, the man, identified as Eliazar Braulio Solórzano Gamarra, arrived at the police station in his district in Cusco surrender to justice. According to a police officer who was aware of America News, he confessed his crime because he could not be with his conscience.

"He said he felt guilty because he had killed his wife, a Dutch citizen." indicated the agent of the San Sebastian police station Cusco. The money went to the house where the murder took place to examine the body, but they did not find it.

What happened? Well, the woman was not dead, she had just disappeared from the consciousness after the attack. That's why, a few minutes after the event occurred, he woke up and called 105 for help. She was quickly taken to a clinic to receive medical assistance.

According to América Noticias, the subject will be investigated for attempted female murder against his wife. The couple has a daughter in common Cusco, where they teach languages.


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