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Strange are the circumstances in which an incoming student has died from the professional career of Tourism of the National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco (Unsaac). His friends claim to have put him on a hill and his death appeared in an inaccessible ravine.

The morning of this Thursday the officers of the Police Department of the High Mountain rescue the corpse of Alvaro Diego Alarcón Fernandez (19), whose body was in a trench of the denominated sector Kiqllupata Ccañihuayco of the Archaeological Park Huchuy Qosqo of the district Lamay, in the province of Cusco of Calca.

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Álvaro Alarcón disappeared a few days ago. As reported by the friend of the victim, Amador Suárez Catunta, to the police, they took part in the Huchuy Qosqo party on August 18, which is held informally every year among the newcomers of the UNSAAC tourism career. One of the activities they did was a race.

To the place were, besides the victim, Suárez Catunta and Gaby Mojarras, who were in love with Alvaro Alarcón, present. On 19 August, Suárez Catunta and Gaby Mojarras decided to descend from Huchuy Qosqo to the district of Lamay due to fatigue. The friend of the victim says that they let the boy rest because he told them that he would stay for a while and catch up because he knew the way well.

After arriving in the Lamay district, Suarez claims that they went to their respective homes. He argues that Gaby Mojarra called him in the night of August 21 to indicate that the parents of his friend had asked him for his son, so he decided to consult his colleagues about his friend's whereabouts. Because Suárez had no positive reaction, he indicated that he decided to return to Huchuy Qosqo on 22 August. With the help of one of the curators in that area, they searched for their friend and found him in an area with difficult access.

On Thursday morning, the body of the student who had recently entered the University of Cusco was saved. His relative, Elías Pedro Alarcón (36), went to the site of discovery and complained about the death of his beloved. Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution Service and the police have started an investigation into this case.

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