Daniel Salaverry confirms that it is the case of Benicio Ríos will accelerate Trade politics

The President of the Congress, Daniel Salaverry, said Wednesday night, that will speed up the case of the Congressman Benicio Ríos (APP) so that a decision is taken on the immunity of detention indicated by the Parliament as being.

Salaverry referred to Ríos's situation in telephone communication with channel N after he had been informed that the legal department had already sent an official letter to the parliament requesting permission to pay the prison sentence of 7 years in prison, which the APP legislator weighs.

However, the head of the Parliament said that the document had not yet arrived.

"After reading the tweet by the judiciary and the comments of the voice of Francisco Távara, I imagine tomorrow [jueves] The first thing will be implemented in this application and as I have promised, I will mention the speed of the case, "he said.

Benicio Rios reappeared on the last Monday in Congress halls after the second Correctional Appeals Chamber of Cusco, since last May, no longer issued the ratification that the legislator had issued in December 2017 by the Fourth Court of the Imperial City.

That day the Council of Spokesmen of Congress agreed to ask the Judicial Branch for a ruling on Rivers, as the latter had to receive the "immunity to arrest" contemplated in the Rules of Congress.

"Immediately I will convene the President of the Immunity Commission, Congressman Luciana León, so that she can convene that working group on the ground and take a decision about it", emphasized Salaverry.

The head of the Parliament said in the sense that tomorrow the situation of legislator Benicio Rios could be resolved. He stressed that he would not allow any citizen "except for someone who represents the Peruvian people, ridicule of justice."

"We are extremely concerned about this issue, we want to make quick decisions and we hope that tomorrow [jueves] The first to enter this document to start the process, "he said.

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