Daniel Salaverry: "Linking judicial reforms to politics is a mistake." Trade politics

The President of the Congress of the Republic, Daniel Salaverry (Fuerza Popular), spoke this Sunday in Trujillo about the proposal of the executive power to submit referendum the re-election of the congressmen. "Linking judicial reforms to politics is a mistake," said the Fujimorean parliamentarian.

Salaverry said that he and other parliamentarians are not opposed to the debate on the re-election of Congress, but stressed the urgent need now for the country to speed up the reform of the justice system, after the dissemination of a series of audios involving judges involved and prosecutors.

"Linking judicial reforms to politics is a mistake, because it will enter into force in 2021 […] The urgency, the priority, what the population is worrying now, is knowing how we will get a legal system in which we all trust, "he said.

Salaverry insisted that the Executive "can not put pressure on it [otro] state power as the Congress says: "Well, here is my account and you approve of it as it is and such a date, because if I do not take other actions like concluding the congress & # 39; ".

"[Con el Ejecutivo] We agree that the reform of the administration of justice should be promoted and speeded up, in order to be able to obtain a new system for the appointment of judges and prosecutors through a National Magistrate Council (CNM) consisting of pro-people and that is not No doubt about their professional and moral quality, but we differ that you can not push and our approach is different. We are not opposed to referendums, but these must be the result of an analysis of a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional dialogue, "he said.

-About Chávarry-
With regard to the report, which states that the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry, the criminal organization Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto would integrate and his decision not to resign, he said: "As president of the Congress I can do not interfere with other constitutional autonomous institutions like It's the Public Prosecutor, we in Congress will file every complaint that is filed and obviously deserve a trial in the Subcommittee on Constitutional allegations We will give priority, we'll streamline as we did with the magistrates of the CNM, Judge Hinostroza and others, and I hope that it is the Subcommittee on Constitutional Allegations that can objectively analyze this subject. & # 39;

In the public sector budget for fiscal year 2019, the amount allocated to the Congress was reduced by S / 76,000,000, which is said to be in compliance if it is austerity policy that is also shared by other institutions "Such as ministries and local and regional authorities.

"Hopefully, this money will focus on improving hospital care, it can not be possible for citizens to sleep in the corridors of emergency situations, that the SIS is practically bankrupt and that Peruvians have this problem, and hopefully the focus will be on this government. on improving the quality of health and education, which is abandoned, "he added.

Salaverry, however, avoided talking about the leader of his party, Keiko Fujimori. "I am no longer a spokesperson [de Fuerza Popular]he emphasized.

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