Daniel Urresti proposes to find Venezuelans "in the most remote places" of the country VIDEO | politics

Daniel Urresti criticized the migration of Venezuelans to Peru. Amidst the questioning and xenophobic expressions, the mayoral candidate of Lima makes a critical analysis of the way in which the state must treat foreigners who escape the Chavez regime.

"In the most remote places, the Peruvians do not want to work, why not put them in the place where no one wants to work, where they do not harm the work of the poorest people," he said. Daniel Urresti against the Venezuelans.

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The applicant with We can Peru (PP) was also of the opinion that the irritation of some citizens from low-income sectors corresponds to the rivalry they now have with migrants when it comes to work. In that sense he proposed to send Venezuelans to the most remote areas of the country.

"Who are the first to be harmed here in Peru (with the presence of Venezuelans)? The poor then from unskilled labor. Those who work in restaurants, in sales, even street vendors, "added the former Minister of the Interior.

He also stressed that the central government and the Congress It must take measures so that "Venezuelans do not take away our work here, but complement us".

"There are people who are well prepared and places where nobody wants to go, let them go, there are teachers who can not go to places far away, if they have to be here, that they accept to go to those places to teach central Township it has no migrations, "he said.

Daniel Urresti is not the only candidate for Lima who has made statements against the presence of Venezuelans in the country. They also had their rival Ricardo Belmont from Peru Libertario (PL).

The former Minister of the Interior marched at least two months before the municipal elections as third in the election preferences for the Mayor of Lima. The party for which is participated, Podemos Peru (PP), was founded by former congressman José Luna Gálvez.

Currently, the PP candidate is facing a lawsuit for the murder of the journalist Hugo Bustíos and an accusation for presenting false evidence in this lawsuit.

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