Defined as a police preventive prison that caused the death of a young university student

ERP. From 2 and 30 in the afternoon of this Friday, the legal status of the driver of the truck that caused the death of the young university student Jorge Luis Sarango Ramos in a triple collision was determined. The truck was controlled by Guillermo Carranza, who disappeared from the scene with the leader of the Piura PNP after the accident.

The case will be seen by the head of Piura's first preparatory research council, Francisco Manuel Fernández Reforme, who will listen to the request from the prosecution service regarding the case. Police Carranza is accused of culpable murder of Jorge Luis Sarango Ramos and injuries to Adrián Crisanto Huanca who is recovering from the tragic accident.

There are many testimonies of witnesses and journalists who arrived at the place where apparently both the colonel of the PNP and the driver would have gone into an ethical state. They did not wait for the prosecution's presence for the respective investigations and, on the contrary, a group of Piura's police were going to protect them superior.

The care will be developed from 02:30. in the courtroom of the judicial unit on the third floor of the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Piura.

Dr. Jose Benel Alvarado, is the lawyer of the survivors of the deceased, whose father, who is also a policeman, has received all the guarantees from his superiors about the transparency of the investigations.

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