Destroy camps that are used by informal mining


A total of 10 camps used for illegal mining were destroyed in a mega-operation led by the specialist lawyer in Environmental Matters in the sector known as La Pampa, located near the area of ​​buffer of the nature reserve of Tambopata, in Madre de Dios.

The intervention was in charge of the prosecutor Karina Garay Tapia, who moved to the height of kilometer 335 of the Interoceanic highway, accompanied by about a hundred police officers and representatives of the regional directorate energy.

On the spot, the authorities confirmed the presence of the camps and water lakes, as well as various points for collecting land and trees felled as a result of the illegal activity of gold mining. that was performed in the area.

At the end was ordered the destruction of a total of eight trebles used for the mining of ore, as well as a large number of engines, rafts, fuel and suction pumps, in addition to other instruments used for this illegal activity.

Hernán Chella Mamani was also arrested, who is being investigated because of the alleged crime of illegal mining. 19659003] Various actions

The National Police (PNP) is constantly conducting operations to eradicate illegal mining, mainly in the eastern part of the country.

In this way recently implemented bans on illegal mining in the buffer zone of the National Reserve Tambopata, in Madre de Dios.

Madre de Dios's environmental police, together with representatives of the specialized parquet in Environmental Matters, traveled to the community of Alto Libertad (Tambopata)), where a large area that was destroyed by illegal mining was discovered by the soil and subsoil with remove heavy machinery.

On that occasion, equipment intended for this illegal activity was useless.


Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes, recently stated that his sector gives priority to the promotion of a mining activity competitive, with facilities in its development, but especially with sustainability, so that the prosperity of the subsoil generates well-being on the surface.

He reported that the Ministry of Energy and Mines is working on a general formalization mining law that allows thousands of Peruvians who daily perform this activity to be included in the economy.


23 thousand hectares of forest was lost in the first semester.

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