Dictate two years of suspended prison for the mayor of Tumán for trying to make a local disabled person suitable

The eighth Unipersonal Court of Chiclayo condemned the mayor of Tumán to a suspended sentence of two years, Rolando Barboza Díaz, for the crime of abuse of authority in trying to apply the buildings of the Association of persons with disabilities of Tumán and annexes.

The same sentence reached the aldermen Segundo Barboza Rimarachín, William Zapata Chicoma, Yesenia Castillo Collantes, César Montenegro Vásquez and Jackelín Reátegui Guzmán, who were also responsible for trying the property

The housing – in dispute – was donated by the Agroindustrial Company of Tumán (then cooperative) in 1996.

Likewise, the Judicial power ordered a sanction of two years disqualification for the group of sentenced persons.

To carry out such an act, the management of Barboza attempted to disregard the resolution of the mayor's number 2334 issued in 1996, which officially acknowledged that the above-mentioned property was owned by the Tumán's Disability Association.

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In the end, the court issued a civil compensation of S / 715 thousand. Surprisingly the mayor Rolando Barboza showed his rejection to the conviction and announced that he will appeal against the ruling.

the comprehensive reading of the sentence is scheduled for this Monday 27 August.

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