Disappearance of Xohana: restore the body that is well found in the body Trade Lima law enforcement

Three hours after a body was found in one of the wells on the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul (Cañete) specialized divers from the repository police removed the remains that would be the Xohana-girl, since last Thursday.

After the rescue efforts, the head of the police region of Lima, General PNP Gastón Rodríguez, said that "everything suggests that it is the girl (Xohana), by clothing and size." The full identification – the official note – will be made by specialists from the Public Prosecution Service.

It was the fisherman Édgar Ramírez who, at the request of the police, made the first inspection of the wells after a neighbor was warned of the possibility that the girl has fallen.

So, equipped with oxygen tanks and other security tools that helped them enter the three-meter deep enclosure, the lifeguards managed to extract the body.

Said well, also well Like two others found in the green areas, it is a pump room and was covered with an iron lid that opened easily. They supplied water to the puddles in the square and would have a depth of nearly three meters.

  Disappearance of Xohana: the body retrieved found in the well

Rescued the body that the girl Xohana would be, disappeared since Thursday in Cañete. (Ana Briceño / El Comercio)

The national police hit the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul and placed panels around the well to prevent the public from entering the profession of specialized personnel. the corpse, its identity will be determined and it will confirm whether it is the two-year-old girl Xohana Guerra, which disappeared last Thursday, August 16 when she played at that place.

  Cañete "title =" Cañete "src =" https://img.elcomercio.pe/files/article_vid eo_image / uploads / 2018/08/18 / 5b787c7428901.jpeg "style =" display: inline; "/> </div>
<p id= After more than 24 hours of searching, a body was found in one of the wells in the Plaza de Armas de Cerro Azul, in Cañete. (Lino Chipana / El Comercio)

Gastón Rodríguez explained that baby body will be taken to the morgue in the city of Cañete, and she also said that after this finding, the police investigation of this case went to the Murder Department after she was in the Kidnapping Division because the child was thought to have been kidnapped.

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