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The President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, acknowledged that it was "a mistake" to have had two meetings that had been reserved for the last five months with the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori. He added that the former candidate at the second appointment asked him to inform him in advance of any decision the government took.

"Somehow, this request seemed willing to subdue the executive's ability to take action," Vizcarra said in the newspaper "Primera edición" by América Televisión.

Even the president said that Fujimori Higuchi had asked for a third meeting in mid-July, after the broadcast of the audio that caused the crisis of the legal system, but he refused. This version was refused by the former congressman, who also stated that she had not asked him to withdraw the Minister of Health, Silvia Pessah.

For the political analyst Enrique Castillo, this public crossroads of questions deepens the "point of rupture" that exists between the Government and Fuerza Popular since the message to the nation of July 28, when Vizcarra for the Parliament not only discussed the referendum suggested. renewal of the National Council of Magistracy (CNM), but also the political reform.

"Since July 28, a breakpoint has been marked between the relationship of Martín Vizcarra and Keiko Fujimori. This has been aggravated by this debate between the two that the word is put against word, citing credibility to both, because the people now do not know who is lying and who is telling the truth, "he told El Comercio.

Castillo considered that the exchange of allegations between the head of state and the leader of Fuerza Popular "suggests that Fujimorismo will sharpen its position towards the president". "By accusing Keiko Fujimori of demanding the resignation of a minister and requesting a third meeting, Vizcarra shows that he is prepared to defend himself with everything and even fight Keiko Fujimori," he said.

The sociologist Arturo Maldonado agreed with Castillo in the sense that these public differences could deepen the differences between the executive and the Parliament. "Keiko Fujimori is still confused with the movement Vizcarra made in his message of 28 July [plantear la no reelección de congresistas, entre otros] and he has just responded by thinking that it is best to stand directly as a clash with the government, "he said.

The political scientist of the PUCP Fernando Tuesta recalled that the position of Fuerza Popular before July 28 was "of support and enthusiasm without any difficulty" for the administration of Martín Vizcarra. However, from the message to the nation, Fujimori's position "has been paved" until Fujimori Higuchi has established the "official" discourse of his group.

"The president has taken a more autonomous position of the parties and has taken political initiative.The position of Fuerza Popular is hardened, first with its spokesmen and now Keiko Fujimori himself.This official position gives clear reports of a distance level with limits of confrontation, "he explained to this newspaper.

The impact of lying in his approval
Maldonado said he does not think Vizcarra's approval (which has gone from 35% to 46% in the past month, according to a study by Ipsos Peru) is being influenced by having lied about secret meetings with Fujimori Higuchi. "The lie is watered down, because he will be seen as the loyal person [que respetó el pedido de reserva]"He said.

With regard to the situation of the leader of the Popular Force, Maldonado pointed out that her criticism of Vizcarra could reduce her drop in the surveys (from 32% to 15% in the last eight months). "I do not think I will help her [a recuperarse], is already going down to a level where only those who approve it are the heaviest fujimoristas, I think they are invulnerable, "he said.

Tuesta justified that on this point Martín Vizcarra the appointment reservation saved.

"If you agree to make an appointment for a meeting, if you are asked if there was such a meeting, you will of course deny this." If they had asked Keiko Fujimori, she would probably have received the same answer. [que Vizcarra]. More important is to know, now that it is no longer a reserve, what were the problems that were being addressed, "he added.

Can there be a question of trust?
When asked in "First Edition" whether the government would present a question of trust if the political and legal reform does not proceed at a good pace in Congress, the president would Martín Vizcarra He did not rule it out.

"We do not exclude everything that is being considered in the Constitution […] Here we wait patiently for the action of Congress, but if it is given the prudential time and a will is not seen in Congress, we will immediately act according to what it determines. [la Carta Magna]"He assured it.

Martín Vizcarra

(Video: América TV)

In this context, Maldonado said that Vizcarra adopted the referendum "as the letter to have governance and to reach 2021". He added that the president will play "all weapons" that he has if necessary.

Castillo said that this position of the president shows two points: the first that the level of confrontation with Fuerza Popular has escalated and the other is that he speaks "in another language" to the Prime Minister, César Villanueva, who last night in "Panorama "Thrown away plan that the executive will raise a question of trust.

Tuesta, in turn, pointed out that it is possible Martín Vizcarra to evaluate the issue of trust, "think that when you go back [ante Fuerza Popular] As former President Kuczynski, he can have the same fate. "

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