Doctor who was infected with influenza AH1N1 in the hospital of Tacna De handel | Lima events

This morning the doctor died Manuel Guevara Bendezú, who was infected with influenza AH1N1 56 days ago while working in the Hipolito Unanue hospital in Tacna.

His relatives reported that while he was able to overcome the flu, a general infection put an end to his life. He was treated in a clinic in Lima that, according to indications, is the only one that counts with ECMO, a device that makes it possible to open the lungs, to attend cases of AH1N1.

"He manages to get rid of this flu problem, the ECMO is broken and that is when it is complicated with a gallbladder problem," said Fabian Guevara, son of the victim, for América Noticias.

Besides the death of the doctor, the family indicates that it is a debt of a million 350 thousand soles with the Del Inca clinic.

Given what happened, they went to EsSalud to get back what was spent because the victim was insured with them. However, the entity has told them that the payment is not applicable because "we have signed the voluntary act and which prevents them as an institution from assuming the costs", added Fabian Guevara.

Last week, after hearing the case, The trade He contacted Dr. Paulo Gordillo, manager of the Essalud Tacna network, who confirmed that the family signed the voluntary registration form, releasing the hospital from responsibility. Moreover, he denied that the transfer of the patient to a private clinic was recommended. "What we normally do is go to the hospital of Rebagliati (in Lima) after a medical meeting […] Essalud does not recognize the costs of patients who are not in the health care system, "he said.


Dr. Manuel Guevara Bendezú would have been infected during his working period. (Image: América TV)

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