Ecuadorians and Piurans take part in the opening of Feria de Loja

ERP. It was a magical and ominous night. A delegation of authorities and officials from the Piura region, led by the regional governor Ing. Reynaldo Hilbck Guzmán, participated in the Ecuadorian province at the opening of the Loja Fair, the largest in that country, which started in the last hours and it lasts three weeks until 16 September.

The Peruvian delegation was also composed of the regional manager of economic development, Mr. Eduardo Pineda, head of the regional office for foreign trade and tourism, Dr. ir. Óscar Vásquez Ramos, Dr. Luis Hernando Monteagudo, consul general of Peru in Loja, and among others by Minister Julio Cadenillas, regional director of the decentralized office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru.

Inauguration of Feria de Loja - EcuadorInauguration of Feria de Loja – Ecuador

The act was developed in the impressive National Theater "Benjamín Carrión Mora", considered the most modern and equipped in that country, and also had the presence of authorities of the province, and a large audience that filled the stands to celebrate that ceremonial night. parts. and parties, because it was nuanced with a night of fun and entertainment by the local orchestra "Don Medardo and his players", who sang and danced from their seats both the authorities and those present.

The vice president of the Loja exhibition organization, organizer of the event, welcomed the attendees at the new edition of the fair, considered the oldest in South America. "The fact that it was formed by a decree of the Liberator Simón Bolívar in 1829, makes it the oldest and most traditional in America." It was Bolívar who, in his enthusiasm to integrate the peoples of America, constitution of the Fair of Loja. "

Inauguration of Feria de Loja - EcuadorInauguration of Feria de Loja – Ecuador

As a tribute – he too – "to this wonderful event that is the visit of the Queen of the Swan to our city, and to strengthen the ties of entrepreneurship, integration and trade, the Loja market was formed, the fact that she has supported it during 180 years of the strength it has acquired over the years, the institutional strength that characterizes the people of Loja, the support of the citizens to their institutions.

It collects, he said, the most precious of local talent, in art, culture, music, artists, gastronomy; but it also carries trade, initiatives and enterprises. It also opens its doors for brothers from neighboring countries who participate.

He reminded that a few weeks ago they had the opportunity to participate in a large commercial event in Piura, and the authorities welcomed entrepreneurs and traders from their country with open arms and formed a successful business fair.

The chairman of the Chamber of Industries of Loja, Juan Carlos Valdiviezo, emphasized that the Loja Fair is currently modern, well organized and competitive. And it has been developed in 3,200 square meters for entrepreneurs, exhibitors and traders; 10,000 m2. for amusement park and attractions; and 8,000 m2. for artistic shows for more than 4000 people.

Inauguration of Feria de Loja - EcuadorInauguration of Feria de Loja – Ecuador

The governor of Piura asks for Piura fair to govern

The regional governor Ing. Reynaldo Hilbck emphasized the links of integration that almost naturally take place between two breeding cities such as Piura and Loja. "Lately we have grown in this commercial, cultural exchange, and also with a great friendship and the future we have, I am very excited to participate in this new edition of the Fair, the oldest in America, that of Bolívar continues to integrate and will continue to grow safer. "

He added that Peruvians will continue to welcome our neighbors with open arms, such as today with our neighbors, with a spirit of brotherhood and solidarity. And he hopes that this is the best edition of all.

In separate explanations, the regional government admitted that it is possible to replicate these kind of exchanges in Piura, as happened with Ecuador in a bi-national manner, "we have tried to do this, but here in Ecuador there is an important tradeshow tradition, it is three weeks of fair and it is 189 years old, it is repeated every year with a tradition, it is not only the economic part, but integral and including various sectors makes it very diverse ".

He added that it is possible to resume this kind of trade fairs in our region, and to call up the private business of the region, especially when relations are much closer than three decades ago, which are not just cultural exchanges and technological innovation, but it is also tourism, which drives more Ecuador and what most want to do in the north of Peru.

He also emphasized the identity, social doctrine and love shown by the Ecuadorian with his country and the things he does, as evidenced by the fact that he turned to the theater en masse to support the Fair, something that we, in addition to our culture, still need to develop the Piurans. He also emphasized the role of the Chambers of Commerce of Ecuador, something that does not happen in Piura, which focuses on what is political or advocacy, but not on promoting what is trade.

In short, in the light of what was seen in Loja, he felt it necessary to revive the fair in Piura, for which the good reaction of the Ecuadorian traders in our region has always been seen.

  • For Ecuador, Mr. Eduardo Jaramillo Aguirre, governor of the province of Loja, participated; Ing. Rafael Dávila, prefect of Loja; Lic. Pilar Mera, mayor of the Loja canton; Monsignor Espinoza Mateo, bishop of the Diocese of Loja; representatives of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce of Loja; board members of the Canton of Loja, members of the assembly of that province, among others. Also the ambassador of the United States in Ecuador, Todd Chapman.
  • The year before Fair said that there were more than 600 thousand visitors, and the authorities of Loja hope that this record will be surpassed this year, and that they strive to make it better every day.
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