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A 52-year-old man was arrested by members of the police station San Pedro, in El Agustino, after being accused of committing various forms of sexual abuse in the tort of minors. The despicable acts were recorded in the guilty cell phone, identified as Hipólito Vivanco Fernández.

Family members of two of their victims said that they were able to discover the crimes Vivanco, known as & # 39; Cacharrón, el cachinero & # 39 ;, when they found the memory of his cell phone, which the rapist accidentally dropped.

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When viewing the content they were surprised that most of the files matched videos of violations minors, including two 14 and 16-year-old adolescents who, according to relatives, would have been subjected to a dysfunction and subsequently offended. Everything happened at the address of Vivanco, on the San Pedro hill.

After his imprisonment, the subject ended with total impudence to confess that he had intimate relationships with the minors, although he said that "they came to my home." However, the head of the Dipincri from El Agustino, Eduardo RodríguezHe indicated that Vivanco he does not want to accept the accusations for violation.

"He does not accept, indicates that they were in love, which is not possible because he even used pills to make them sleep and that's when he took the opportunity to film them, to make them inappropriate and commit their misdeeds (sexual abuse), "he told América Noticias.

Also the Commissioner Luis Balladares He reported that the victims would be more than two. After the police have finished their investigation, Vivanco Fernández is made available to the Prosecution for the corresponding tax accusation.

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