El Agustino: candidate and supporters stormed municipal building | VIDEO | Trade Lima law enforcement

A group of supporters of the Alliance for Progress (APP) party, led by the candidate and former district mayor Víctor Modesto Salcedo Ríos, broke in on the site of the municipality The Augustijner.

After this situation, municipal manager Vicente Malásquez informed channel N that the reasons for the manifestation of this party are still unknown. He condemned, however, the arrogant attitude that the sympathizers had towards the neighbors and the workers.

As you can see in the video, one of the supporters sprays a spray can on a woman's face. This also affected the neighbors who were busy with some paperwork inside the city.

"Approximately 50 to 60 angry people approached the entrance door, led by former mayor Víctor Salcedo Certainly, we do not understand their purpose, what they wanted to achieve, perhaps a desire to be in charge of the municipality," said the manager of the municipality .

The video and the accusation can also be found on the municipality's Facebook page. Malásquez also reported that they have already identified 3 people. One of them would be responsible for spraying the poisonous gas for the residents of the neighborhood.

Finally, he pointed out that this fact was already denounced by the municipal prosecutor of El Agustino in defense of the municipal heritage and the physical integrity of the citizens and employees of the municipality.

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