Elections 2018: in Loreto municipalities intervene when they make propaganda for candidate [FOTOS] | politics

The provincial non-commissioned attorney of the Second Loreto Crime Prevention Office, Samuel Reyna, led an operation in the municipality of San Juan Bautista after reporting that the election propaganda for a candidate had been carried out.

During the intervention, the authority of the Public Prosecution Service found officials working on election material for Maynas mayoral candidate, Francisco Sanjurjo Dávila, who is his current mayor.

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Sanjurjo returns to the jurisdiction of Maynas for the "Regional Esperanza Amazónica-MERA movement".

According to the public prosecutor's office, the information and communication office of the municipality in question intervened and it appeared that computers developed two candidates.

The deputy public prosecutor Kely Quispe Waxes He took note of this fact and announced that he will act according to his attributions.

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