Elections 2018: young man is forced to vote in La Libertad despite the fact that he has lived in Lima lime

A young man has been living in Lima for five years, but for this one Municipal and regional elections 2018 was appointed to vote in his native country, in Pataz, La Libertad.

Andy Bocanegra Contreras He condemned this case because he does not know why his polling station has changed. "I went to the ONPE website and realized that they would let me vote for my country," said the young man.

According to the question that Andy made on the website of the National Office for Electoral Processing (ONPE), the voting table is located in the educational institution 80827, located in the Buldibuyo district, in Pataz.

Andy Bocanegra left his birthplace Pataz more than five years ago and the three times he voted he did so in the district of San Borja, where he lives and works in a mini-market.

We should not forget that the case of Bocanegra is not the only one, reported Canal N. Nérida Laván García 17 years ago in San Borja and also condemned the ONPE in his voting table Chiclayo.


– ONPE speaks –
Elizabeth Jiménez, Spokesperson for ONPE spoke about these matters. He indicated that this institution does not elaborate the voter list, but the National register of identity and civil status (Reniec), who previously carry out a verification of the domicile of the citizens.

"For the closing of the register, which took place on October 22, 2017, Reniec conducts house checks, and in case they are found or not (the person), they bring it back to their old district," he said in communication with Canal N.

Similarly, he indicated that Bocanegra should approach the Reniec to regularize his address so that he can vote in subsequent elections in San Borja. Despite this process, however, you still have to vote in Pataz at the 7 October elections.

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