EsSalud warns that they are pretending to be their website

Reported that fake websites download a program that damages computers

EsSalud warns that they are pretending to be their website

EsSalud warned that it is circulating through social networks

EsSalud he warned that he is in circulation social networks a malicious message with a link that replaces the official social security portal. The agency reported that this link ensures that users download a malicious program that damages their computers (malware).

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"EsSalud has discovered a web page that mimics the institution's official website (, which expects users to download malware (a malicious program that damages the computer)," he said. via your Twitter account.

EsSalud has informed via social networks that the respective coordinates have made this website worldwide.

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"In the application of the security protocols, the blocking has been carried out so that the web apocryphal can not be accessed from the network of the institution in the same way (…), the corresponding instances have been requested for the said page by usurpation," he said.

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