Excontralor Edgar Alarcón will demand millionaire repair if it is not repaired politics

Former inspector Edgar Alarcón said that if in the next few days the state it does not replace it in the Comptrollers Office, it will require a civilian repair of three million soles.

Alarcón maintains his warning that the dismissal by the unauthorized acts who are committed as a controller "they left him without work". "I was a career officer," he added to Peru.

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The trial initiated by Alarcón against the state is from December 3 in the ninth specialized permanent labor court.

Your question is divided into work injury and morale For the first, he asked S / 398,220 and for the second S / 3.5 million.

As is recalled, Alarcón was fired for irregularities committed in his administration. the Congress approved to withdraw it on 3 July 2017.

The excontroller break the law internally of the institution that managed to benefit from the buying and selling of cars & # 39; s. Between 2002 and 2014 he bought 90 vehicles for a company that he manages together with his compravente children.

According to the then reviewer Comptroller, Walter Grados, that money was not indicated, although he was forced to do so.

In addition, Fourth Estate on May 28 last year audio in which Alarcón suggested to the auditor to withdraw the complaint.

Alarcón was also accused of having irregularly liquidated to an employee who was his partner.

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