Facebook: combi with more than S / 50 thousand of fines spread through the path | Photo & # 39; s | #NoTePases Trade Lima transport

A user of Facebook announced last Wednesday a combination of the transport company Nasaac S.A. invaded on the paths of the Circunvalación Golf Los Incas avenue, in groove.

In the images that Francesca Kaemena shared on the page "Beasts at the wheel" the social network it is observed when the vehicle circulates with the paths that are also traded by different pedestrians.

According to Kaemena, the collector of the unit tried to attack a pedestrian when he sanctioned him for the offense. In the photo 's published in Facebook It is clear that the collector, who wore a red shirt, gets out of the bus and runs after a person.

"The combis are already circulating on the sidewalks, regardless of the pedestrians walking in. How long do we have to endure the silence of the authorities and the police?", Wrote the user.

According to the tax administration of Lima (SAT), this combination of license plate number F9A-876 must total S / 50,231.50 for the concept of 6 ballots.

Three of them (two of 2018 and one of 2017) correspond to the fine N01 and are imposed for "the provision of services without the Service Authorization, issued by the Urban Transportation Management of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima".

According to the SAT, the sanction for such fines has a value of S / 16,600 and the internment of the vehicle.

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