Facebook: Ricardo Belmont makes sexist comments against Venezuelan women [VIDEO] | politics

"Women (Venezuelan) are reasonably safe"With these words the candidate for the Lima municipality referred the political party Peru Libertario, Ricardo Belmont, to the foreign citizens who enter the country.

In a broadcast on Facebook Live, the former congressman founded his followers to continue his controversial speech described as "xenophobic"This time his remarks continued and they pointed to the female gender.

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"The Venezuelans look very good, the women are quite drinkable, they are" petite ", they are very nice and they, as someone said," do not seem to come from Venezuela " because there is no food in Venezuela, & # 39; he says.

"They have nothing to eat, but they are all solid, well cared for and we have not seen any of them in circumstances that really hurt us, because that would not interest nationality," Belmont said.

In this way, the postulant referred to the council president on the situation of the thousands of Venezuelans who leave their country to seek a better chance in another country, such as our own. The expressions of the former mayor of Lima are not well received or by their own contenders.

Candidates such as Renzo Reggiardo, Jorge Muñoz and Jaime Salinas have spoken through their social networks to reject Belmont's comments. Everything coincided with pointing out that this only tries to get revenues from the Venezuelan drama.

Other expressions of the municipal aspirant Peru Libertarian that generated rejection was the one previously announced Facebook. He said that a million Venezuelans were going to vote in these elections, but the truth is that, according to Reniec, only 26 foreigners are qualified to take part in the election process in October and only one comes from the plains.

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