Facebook: there are ghosts at the school of San Juan de Lurigancho and video proves it FB | Face tendencies

Haunted school. Thousands of people on Facebook can not believe a school in the neighborhood San Juan de Lurigancho, in Lima, Peru, is full of spirits, after a few students decided to visit it at night and record paranormal facts.

The audiovisual material, uploaded to Facebook by & # 39;I am SJL& # 39 ;, introduces us to two young people who walk with their dog in the vicinity of their school, but they do it & # 39; at night.

YOU CAN SEE Facebook: students use a curious photo during their presentation and make thousands laugh

As you can see in the video, which surpassed 71 thousand reproductions on Facebook, young people realize that some lights will light themselves up and without any explanation.

The most frightening thing about the video, shared a few days ago on Facebook, is that young They began to run anxiously after they had seen the folders and chairs begin to move on their own.

Although the images shared on Facebook are very similar for real, the truth is that many users have speculated that everything is a joke made by the boys.

Other viruses from Facebook

Clowns shine in a tragic scene

two clowns they became famous on Facebook, not because of their funny jokes during a children's party, but because of the tragic end of one of their tricks that quickly went viral in the social network.

The pleasure video, which you can view in this link, has made thousands of people laugh in the most popular social network, also many have decided to include clowns in their children's parties to see if they are in a & # 39; failure & # 39; if they shone.

He suffers an accident while training his legs

a man He suffered a painful accident by training his legs, this happened in a gym and was recorded by a witness who did not hesitate to share the video on Facebook.

The images that you can view in this link have made thousands of people smile in the social network And if you are one of those who usually goes to the gym, you should see them.

Leon Rasta surprises everyone

On Facebook a video has been popularized that has a main character as the main character lion "Rasta", which surprised thousands of people because of its incredible hair.

The images that have been shared in the social network, you can find here, have more than one surprised and if you are a lover of big cats, you can not miss them.

Parrot fights against WWE style

a parrot It causes a sensation on Facebook, not by imitating the sound of a character, not by singing songs or saying softly, but by fighting in the style of WWE.

The audiovisual material that you can see here has gone all over the world and you can not miss it for nothing in the world, especially if you are a fan of the world. Loritos.

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