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Are you looking for one viral video What makes you laugh? Well, we are telling you that Facebook has become the best alternative for finding this kind of material and all of that thanks to the events posted by the users. Do not you think? Then we present a story with which you will have fun.

A frank reaction. a girl she never thought her girlfriend would take her by making a joke in a double sentence and worse than uploading the video to Facebook, where thousands of people have ridiculed her innocent reaction that went viral fast.

The name of the girl is not known, nor is her nationality, because the Facebook page that shared this viral does not contain many details, although many say it is in Mexico.

As you can see in the images, shared on Facebook by & # 39;Random for everyone& # 39 ;, the joke was about selling three puppies, one large, one medium and one small.

In the audiovisual material, which exceeded 210 thousand reproductions on Facebook, we see how the girl is asked how much she would each sell cubbut the words they used were not exact.

This caused the authors of the joke, who decided to share the video on Facebook, to burst out laughing because of the innocent reaction what his partner had given them.

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