Facebook viral: group of foreigners induces indignation after laughing at Cusco taxi driver | VIDEO | Photo 1 of 4 | Facebook

A group of foreigners sowed the outrage on Facebook after a video had been conducted and mocked the physical appearance of a taxi driver from Cusco. At the moment, the clip has divided the networks, while others think it's just a joke, others found it a lack of respect.

As seen in FacebookAbout six Venezuelans traveled by taxi through the streets Cusco. As said, all foreigners are happy to be in Peru, and even thank the taxi driver as their guide.

"The driver is thanked for showing his face because he is our guide", you hear him tell the foreigner that he is saving the video Facebook From your mobile phone Immediately, passes the phone of his countrymen, who pick it up in front of the vehicle.

"The Lord of Cusco. They call it "lama" facesays one of the foreigners, unleashing the laughter of his compatriots and his own taxi driver, who can not control himself and turns his face to the camera.

As expected, the video has generated indignation among users of Facebook, criticizing foreigners for abusing the trust the taxi driver has given them to mock their appearance.

However, not all comments from Facebook They criticized the attitude of foreigners. "There is nothing but chacota in this video, do not say things that do not exist, I do not see anything bad, do not miss them, we Lima are champions, apply badges, all the time we put nicknames", wrote a user of the social network.

Group of foreigners induces indignation after laughing at taxi driver from Cusco

Group of foreigners induces indignation after laughing at taxi driver from Cusco


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