Facebook: young people can graduate with Dota 2 and video games

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Dota 2 and video games were the focus of a research work by a young university student, who successfully presented a dissertation on this subject and thus obtained a diploma at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). The story has become viral on Facebook.

Leandro Gómez It was the university student who managed to graduate with this peculiar research theme, which he chose because he is an amateur of video games and the gamer industry.

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In dialogue with Peru 21, Gómez, graduated from the specialty of Audiovisual Communication, said he always tried to empathize with the interviewees and the respondents.

"They told me that I had to choose a different approach and I could find a sense of research from my perspective of" gamer ", I had the advantage that I could empathize with the interviewees and the respondents, & # 39; he said in dialogue with the media.

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"From the daily habit to the professionalization of online video gamers: the interpretation of video games as audiovisual content with players of Metropolitan Lima in the decade of 2010" was the title of the research on Dota that the young man performed for two years and that it has been successfully closed, despite the criticism that some people have received.

"Many people will tell you that you are losing or that there are more relevant issues, it is true, but this is also relevant, the community of video gamers is huge in the world and deserves attention," he said.

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