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The Consumer Protection Committee of the regional office of the Indecopi in Tacna, Corporación Escena S.A.C and the provincial municipality of Tacna sanctioned the non-compliance with the presentation of the music groups Los Pericos and Zion & Lennox at the Tacna International Fair (Feritac). These groups must be presented in 2017.

In accordance with the Indecopi resolution, the Escena company and the provincial council have violated Article 19 of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code to cheat announcing a concert where they would present artists who ultimately were not.

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Both entities received a fine of 76.74 taxable units (UIT) worth S / 318 thousand. In his defense the commune tacneña argued no such artists have hired, nor have the tickets for the concert that was held on August 27, 2017, set or sold.

However, it was established that the municipality promoted and promoted the sale of tickets in which the presentation of the artist Zion & Lennox was announced. For its part, the Corporación Escena has not kept to the presentation of & # 39; The Pericos & # 39;during the procedure he did not submit a defense.

Likewise, Corporación Escena S.A.C and the Provincial municipality of Tacna should return the money of the tickets for the people who bought them. If they do not, they will be fined 1 to 3 additional ITUs.

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