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In the fifteen years that have passed since the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (CVR) delivered his final report, but very few recommendations have been made by the state.

The president of the national coordination of organizations of persons who are victims of political violence in Peru, Leonor Zaire, said that the compliance with law 28592 is under discussion. Comprehensive Repairs Planas well as Law 28223 on internally displaced persons, and Law 30470 on searching for missing persons.

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On this last line, Zaire said that they are demanding from the Congress the approval of the law of establishment of the genetic database to identify their loved ones.

In this connection, the president of the national coordinator of relatives of forced disappearances, Doris Caqui, said that the obstacle to creating this bank lies with the legislators of Fuerza Popular.

"In the beginning they accepted the bill, but Marco Miyashiro and Carlos Tubino He pushed them back. They argued that it is a prosecuting law that will be used against soldiers accused of human rights violations, "he said.

Caqui added that the recommendations regarding health, education and housing are also lacking. The two leaders expressed their hope in the meeting that they will have today with the Deputy Minister of Justice, in which they will discuss the outstanding recommendations of the CVR.


In this city, the relatives of the victims of political violence yesterday held a forum about the response that the state and society gave to this issue in these years.

The former president of the CVR Salomón Lerner Febres insisted that the Peruvian state had an outstanding debt. He referred to the recommendations made in 2013 on institutional reforms, justice, education and health, to recognize the rights of affected people. "There is still a lot of work to be done," he remarked.

Lerner emphasized the approval of the law on missing persons, although he regretted that it only took place one and a half years ago.


– At 10:30 a memorial event will take place in the final report of the CVR The Crying Eye.

– At 5.30 pm, at the same place, Mother Angelica is remembered, symbol of the search for missing persons.

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