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For the first time in Peruvian judicial history, a criminal judge issued a judgment via a mobile application. This is the magistrate of the third unipersonalist court of the Court of Justice of Arequipa, Yanira Guitton Huamán, who developed an oral test by a detainee in the city of Lima WhatsApp.

Amador Rosas Carpio is a father who refused to pass the alimony to his youngest daughter and was declared absent because of the crime of omitting family assistance. He was arrested in Lima and, thanks to the use of technology, the judge developed the trial normally by means of a video call from WhatsApp. The detainee heard his sentence on a cell phone.

Rosas Carpio owed his daughter S / 5,227 for pensions in 2012 and 2015. The defense of the accused, who was in conversation with his sponsored prisoner at all times, presented the payment voucher of S / 2,000.

The judge ruled that the balance had to be canceled in 6 disks of S / 541. After the accusation of committing the offense by the accused, the trial ended with an expected conclusion, in which the Public Prosecutions Department and the defense made agreements.

The verdict was a reservation of the verdict for 10 months, under the warning that it would be revoked. In the case of non-compliance, the accused will automatically be taken to a prison for the execution of his sentence. The omission can not commit a crime of the same nature and must support its activities on a monthly basis, as well as fulfill the full payment of the food bill, in addition to paying the civil compensation of S / 300.

The judiciary indicated that the judge Yanira Guitton could speak directly and without interference from the suspect, who was judged with the guarantees of a fair trial.

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