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The president of Judicial power, Víctor Prado Saldarriaga, convened today at 3 pm to an extraordinary session of the Full Chamber of the Supreme Court after the dissemination of five other audios with members of the Executive Council of the institution, Rosa Vera and Augusto Ruidíaz.

According to a brief statement from the judiciary via Twitter, the session will be precise "to analyze the current situation of the Executive Council of the Judiciary with respect to its members and judges mentioned in recent audios."

When the suspended chief judge revealed César Hinostroza for the public audiences unveiled by the collective Plataforma de Investigación Periodística, he tried to intervene by former and current members of the Executive Council to reach the change of square from Áncash to Lima from Judge María. Apaza Panuera.

Apaza chairs the Collegiate D of the National Criminal Chamber and is responsible for the oral trial of the Sánchez Paredes case, which involves alleged crimes of money laundering from drug trafficking in the form of transposition and transfer operations, as well as concealment and possession.

Prado had today also convened a session of the Executive Council of the Judiciary, of which he is chairman. This body is also composed of the highest judges Janet Tello Gillardi, Héctor Lama More, Augusto Ruidías Farfán, Rosa Vera Meléndez and Pedro Angulo Arana.

"We have to listen to his version [de los involucrados] and on that basis to formulate an institutional response: that they submit their resignation or ask a question of trust, "Prado said yesterday to Canal N.

In the same sense, the Full Court of the Supreme Court is the body charged with approving the general policy of the Judiciary on the proposal of the Council Directive. At the moment it is formed by eighteen supreme judges and is chaired by Prado.

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