Gino Costa confirms that Pedro Chávarry is "lying about his career" politics

The non-grouped congressman Gino Costa He said tonight that the prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry "lies about his career" when he reports in a video uploaded on his social networks that he has had an unhindered career at the public ministry.

The legislator recalled that the current head of the prosecution was separated from his position and that he defended an arms dealer who was associated with Vladimiro Montesinos.

"Prosecutor Chávarry is lying about his career and says, for example, that he did not have a wake-up call in his life," he said in conversation with Canal N.

"The man was, and this is systematically hidden, rejected by the CNM for five years in 2002, and at that time he devoted himself to defending an arms dealer, James Stone, accused of his ties with Vladimiro Montesinos." he pointed out.

In that row, coast He said that with such & # 39; s history, Chávarry "is not qualified" to be a prosecutor of the Nation.

He also regretted that the head of the Public Prosecution Service "clung to his position" and did not step aside to be investigated without interference.

"With this background he is not qualified at such a delicate time to continue as head of the national prosecutor, he assumes that he is part of the criminal organization, so what would be appropriate is to step aside that this can are examined without any undue interference on his part, but far from it he clings to his position, "he questioned.

He therefore called the guilds, institutions and universities of the country to speak out and demanded the resignation of the prosecutor of the nation because of his alleged links with the criminal organization "The White Necks of the Harbor".

"I make a call to speak out the country, to pronounce citizenship, to speak out the institutions, to pronounce the trade unions," he said.

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