Household staff, street vendors and recyclers will be able to participate in the debate of candidates for the Mayor of Lima Municipality of Lima | society

The five candidates for the mayor of Metropolitan Lima whoever leads the polls will have to answer the requirements of the ten Main federations and organizations of self-employed people of capital, representing more than 3 million voters. They have been called up for the electoral debate on informal employment in the city: Municipal policy 2019-2022, promoted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and WIEGO in Peru.

These social organizations work in the city and, in most cases, on public roads. Her relationship with the Economic Development, Inspection, Environment and other departments of the municipalitiesit is crucial for your work and for order in the city.

During the event, which will be held on Thursday 13, the leaders will try to make one Programmatic platform of independent employees. Among the participants will be David Arias, representative of traders on public roads; Andrés Tupiño, responsible for the supply markets; Paulina Luza, by the domestic workers; Guillermo Onofre, responsible for the land weir; Juana Corman, from the canillitas, Henry Calderón, of shoe polishers, María Elena Díaz, of the recyclers waste.

It should be remembered that the employees in informal employment represents 73% of employment in Peru and 57% of employment Metropolitan Lima.

The event will take place on Thursday at 5.45 pm. in the Plaza del Bosque hotel, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and WIEGO in Peru, who work with urban informal workers in poverty, reported.

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