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The plenary session of the Congress today approved the reports of the parliamentary ethics committee, which recommended that the parliamentarians be suspended for 120 days. Yesenia Ponce (Fuerza Popular) and Maritza García (not grouped). It also approved approvals Carlos Bruce (Peruvians through the Kambio) with a public warning and a fine equal to 60 days of reimbursement and representation costs.

How long did the Parliament take to achieve these sanctions for ethical infringements? The three cases originated in 2016, two years ago, when the complaints were lodged and they went back and forth during the last parliamentary term.

Of the three cases García is the oldest: it dates from October 17, 2016.

In January 2017, the parliamentary ethics committee began the investigation of García, then a Popular Force legislator, because she lied about her resume about her secondary and graduate studies. Three months later, the study group recommended to suspend it for 120 days. However, when the report was discussed in plenary, they decided to return the matter to the committee.

Exactly one year after the case was returned, the Ethics Committee, under the chairmanship of Janet Sánchez (Peruvians for the Kambio), endorsed the 120-day suspension approved today in plenary. In total, 675 days have passed since the first complaint.

-The road from Ponce & # 39; s case-
The process on Yesenia Ponce started almost parallel to that of García, who was his colleague at the time. In October 2016, this newspaper reported the complaint in the ethics committee about lying about their study about their resume.

This complaint was filed the following year, in August 2017, when the Ethics Commission was chaired by Segundo Tapia (Fuerza Popular).

However, there were more complaints that led to the initiation of a new preliminary investigation. One was in the case of the alleged payment to the former director of a school to obtain a study certificate.

In the case of Ponce, 22 months have passed – almost two years – since the first complaint against her appeared, up to 120 days were suspended.

-The Bruce also took-

The complaint against congressman Carlos Bruce for the request for police protection for one of his buildings ended in a reprimand. But the path that followed this process was just as extensive as that of his colleagues: in December 2016 the twists and turns of the business began. Since then, 620 days have passed.

In April 2017, the Ethics Commission decided to recommend a 120-day suspension for Bruce in the case. Two months later, the final report reached the plenary session. But just as with Garcia, Congress decided to give it back to the working group.

A year ago, with the start of the 2017-2018 legislature, the Ethics Committee once again advised to suspend it, but the sanction was halved: from 120 to 60 days. This was the final report that Congressman Janet Sánchez gave for the plenary meeting. Finally, it has been changed.

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