Huancavelica: official of the regional government dies in a traffic accident society

The visit to the patronal party of the city center of Ccotccoy ended with the death of the head of the Subregional Directorate of Churcampa, in Huancavelica, Kenny Velasquez Tristan (32), after the truck he drove overthrown to the edge of a river.

the traffic accident It was recorded at about three in the morning on this Saturday, when Kenny returned from the patron saint with address Churcampa. According to residents of the area, the body of the deceased flew into the open air and only the vehicle reached the coast. His body is veiled in the facilities of the new management structure.

The second accident was recorded, in the morning, when a truck with a yellow color fell into a gap of 45 meters at kilometer 86 of the road Chincha – Villa de Arma – Huancavelica. Product of the impact, Angel Zúñiga Pari and Rubén Retamozo Ayuque met death.

Meanwhile, Jorge Quichca Taipe, Jorge Bailon Rojas and Angel Mendoza Ramos were injured and were immediately taken by the health staff of Villa de Arma to the hospital in Chincha where they were treated.

Villla de Arma The police arrived in the area to support the victims.

According to unofficial information, the victims would be supporters of the regional movement AYNI, which moved from Huancavelica to Chincha for the presentation of its authorities on the central square of Pueblo Nuevo, in Chincha.

(Jhovana Mendoza / Huancavelica)

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