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A difficult decision. Because of the constant intimidation he received for his nationality, the Venezuelan citizen José Gregorio Blanco he resigned in a position for which he had entered a temporary contract in Huancayo.

According to the foreign teacher, the reprobate began when it became public that he applied for a vacated place in the specialty of Physical Education at the Mary Immaculate Educational Institution in the capital of the Junin region.

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"We are human beings, we are wrong, but give real opportunities to those who want to work, there were ringing, calls, messages, but let's turn the page now, I want the support of the media, I have left my job, I am unemployed and have asked another educational institution to ask for my services, my quality and experience at work ", the teacher said in statements to the Andina office.

Blanco also said that he felt insulted after the harsh comments against him, in which they said he was of a different nationality, Peru to remove work.

"All of that presents itself to their knowledge and the educational values ​​that give physical education as such and part of sport, because if a person really wants to work, he has to compete," he added. Venezuelan citizen, who has 20 years of work experience in his specialty, in addition to his professional title and work visa.

Due to his resignation, the regional director of Education of Junín, Walter Angulo Mera, he apologized and complained about the xenophobic attitude against him.

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