Ica: Two young policemen are killed when their car hits a truck at the Panamericana Sur | PHOTO & # 39; S | Picture 1 of 5 | present

Two young policemen were crushed after the car in which they were going to provide services in the Huamani police station, province Pisco , region ica , threw the right into a truck, at kilometer 257 of the Panamericana Sur.

These are the non-commissioned officers of the third PNP Anthony Huamaní Fernández and Jeremy Guevara Saire. The first was behind the wheel and the other was sitting on the passenger seat on board the Suzuki brand car, with registration number BDF-363, brown.

The causes are still being investigated. What is known is that the police car collided with the truck head-on and at high speed, license plate V7Y-782 and car plate VAQ-976, which went from north to south, in ica.

Both young police officers went to work in the community, to the police station of Huamani, Pisco, region ica. His death was immediate.

Police from the Paracas Highway Police and other police units and firefighters went to the place to remove the bodies from the twisted braces.

The National Police Command regretted the sudden loss of two young police officers carrying out their duties with great responsibility and full identification with the community and expresses their condolences to their families and friends.

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