In Lambayeque they form the first work table of the gastronomy

In Lambayeque, the First work table of the gastronomy, which aims to bring together officials from different sectors involved in formalization, as well as social actors: entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and employees to discuss problems in this area.

Carlos Flores, Director of training and labor distribution of the Ministry of Laborpointed out that the high unemployment rates in the gastronomic sector are more than 70%, which is worrying.

"These employees no access to social security, a pension system or many working conditions, that is why actions must be taken against the informality that is increasing day by day, "said the official.

He assured that the actions achieved by this table are not intended to attack the informal entrepreneur; on the contrary, it is intended to encourage the micro-entrepreneur to grow further.

"We want to express the actions of the various programs that local, regional and national governmentsl; they also formalize the facilities, "he said.

It is important to note that restaurants are included in this sector, hotels that offer food service, dealers who offer food that is prepared for different companies, among other groups.

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