Indira Huilca: "Keiko Fujimori wants to stop reform because her career is in danger by 2021" referendum | politics

The congresswoman of New Peru, Indira Huilca, was extremely critical with the verdict this Thursday, via a video, the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, in which she trivialized the importance of President Martin's reform projects. Vizcarra.

Huilca pointed out that Fujimori's opposition is clearly responding to the intention to stop these constitutional changes by a referendum, and that, he believes, it jeopardizes his wish to become president in 2021.

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"She does not just want to have control over the Congress, she wants to reach the presidency in 2021. Then that race is in jeopardy for 2021 and that's why she tries to stop the reform initiatives being taken," he said in a dialogue with The Republic.

In this sense, the parliamentarian described the arrogant attitude of the former presidential candidate because he pretended to tell the head of state what to do. He believes his message shows his concern about the loss of power and the negative context in the polls.

She thinks she still has the institutions of the country in her service. I think it is an unfair attitude towards the President of the Republic. What I notice about this attitude is that there is a reason for concern because you lose strength. […] Let us not allow this overwhelming attitude of Mrs Keiko Fujimori to negate the need for the reforms that the country requires, "he said.

In this connection she pointed out that the orange leader is wrong when she says that the executive's projects do not include the country's priorities, because she, she said, is trying to tackle a problem as serious as corruption. to grab.

"That he thinks that a political or judicial reform is something populist is serious: one can or does not agree with the background points of Mr Vizcarra's projects, we can improve them, but we can not think in any way that they are populist. is that people express themselves in a referendum. "

"I was very surprised by the way she came out to question the referendum. […] It reminds me a lot when your parliamentary group also tried to prevent a referendum, but that did not stop people from realizing that the dictatorial regime [de Alberto Fujimori] I could not continue, "he said.

and last but not least, Indira Huilca He analyzed that Keiko knows that people realize that their caucus and their political group want all the scandal of the audios to remain as it is, so it tries to clean up its image by directing the president.

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