Influenza AH1N1: Doctor infected with influenza in Tacna died in the clinic of Lima society

After 56 days his body could no longer resist. Manuel Guevara Bendezú, the doctor tacneño infected with the flu AH1N1, died on Wednesday morning in a clinic from Lima.

the doctor anesthetist contracted the malignant flu in the Hipolito Unanue Regional Hospital Tacna where he worked Because of the lack of equipment in this hospital, the relatives of Guevara Bendezú had to transfer him to the Inca clinic in Lima, where he died this morning.

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His family said that doctor he had managed to get out of the flu shot and improved his condition, but then he became complicated and got a generalized infection that caused a septic shock.

Days ago, the Regional Director of Health of Tacna, Claudio Ramírez Atencio, pointed out that there is a problem with the debt in this clinicEsSalud would not be aware of the payment and notes that there is no agreement with the clinic. Currently, the debt in this clinic is 1 million 350 thousand soles and the family asked EsSalud the reimbursement of what was spent.

Victims in Tacna

In Tacna eight people died of this flu. The last victim was the nursing technician Fernanda María Antipuertas Cusicanqui, 44 years old, who also worked at Unanue.

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