Intervention to a woman who tried to enter marijuana in the Tumbes prison society

The INPE staff of the Puerto Pizarro prison in Tumbes intervened with a woman as she tried to bring marijuana to the center, whose receiver was her partner who was serving a sentence; however, he did not think it would be inspected in detail along with his possessions.

Estela Yessenia Martínez Costa (28), last Saturday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, tried to enter the prison under the façade of a joint visit, with the aim of leaving food for Jimmer Luis Espinoza Rivas. Before passing this was subjected to the respective revision, which resulted in the discovery of two packages of instant soups Ajinomen, with content and rare smell.

Then they continued to open the bags, find dried herbs, brown, with the same characteristics of marijuana.

When the detainee was interrogated by the officers, the detainee explained that her brother-in-law personally asked her to deliver the narcotics to the prisoner, for which she was taken to the police station to conduct the judicial investigations.

The fact has already been communicated to public prosecutor Giovana Aquino, from the first provincial prosecutor's office of Tumbes.

It should be noted that Jimmer Espinoza Rivas serves a sentence nine years in prisonI am for the crime of the aggravated robbery in the maximum security pavilion.

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